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Farm Website Examples

Chances are you'd rather be on your farm than in front of a computer. That's why we've made it easy to have a stunning website that's easy to maintain and always looks fresh
— so you can do what you love AND have a great website that's always working for you!

Below are some example farm websites and what they have to say about the experience...

Lone Fox Farm

Cottageville, SC

Almost every sale I have made is through my website and it has been huge for marketing. I like how it's geared for goat breeders, I can have tabs for each breed, and can cross-reference animals. The [support] people are very helpful and the price is right.
— Kim Balkom-Fox, Lone Fox Farm, SC

Template: 'Old Western' (free design). As animals are added using our easy tools, sales lists by animal type, breed, and gender are automatically created.

Mobile website included with all websites!

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A detailed page is automatically created for each animal, complete with ancestry, awards, photos, video, links to pedigree, etc., plus a popup slideshow.

Liberty Alpacas

Maple Valley, WA

I would say that our website is our number one tool. Email marketing, auctions, events and our online store all revolve around that. It is the face of our business.
— Jeff Williamson, Liberty Alpacas, WA

Blogging and creating stunning photo albums is easy!

Custom-designed template with soft-transition header slideshow and sitewide branding. Included mobile website.

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Treestar Farm

Wake Forest, NC

Template: 'Rolling Meadows' (free design). Any kind of animal can be added and sales list categories are generated based on species, breed, and gender categories.

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Lynch's Nubian Goat Farm

New Boston, TX

Template: 'Rustic Barn - Green' (free design). Farm products are easily added, creating a compelling online store where customers can buy your products directly from your website!

Just want to say thank you for the great job these guys do, their support team is amazing! I just built my new web site for my Nubian herd... and added my store for my goat coats and leather crafts as well.

Check them out if you are looking to build a new web site, I know you will be happy with it. They offer a web site, store and [animal] health software all in one, where else can you find all that (and a great support team) for one very reasonable price! Thanks again guys!
— Nancy Lynch, Lynch's Nubian Goat Farm, TX

Great Lakes Ranch

Maple City, MI

Custom-designed template with large splash slideshow,
award placards, and sitewide branding.

Easy Farm Websites made our lives much simpler by providing a state of the art website service... After years of struggling with other companies who always promised that we could do our own editing and updating but never was the case, Easy Farm Websites came to the rescue.

The service they provide enables us to add or delete animals, pictures, awards or promotions etc in seconds from anywhere we have access to a phone or computer.

If we get into a technical issue and require customer service they are timely and excellent in addressing our needs.
— Jandy Sprouse, Great Lakes Ranch, MI

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