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Websites to sell what your farm creates

Increase Your Reach • Connect with Customers • Do More of What You Love

Do you struggle with having a website?

Effective Websites shouldn't only be for the big guys.

  • Is having a website complicated and frustrating?
  • Was your last website expensive and got you nowhere?
  • Do you feel like you're losing potential business?
  • Are you wondering what's wrong with your product?
  • Does it feel like you're on your own?
  • Does all the technology make your head hurt?

We understand how frustrating websites can be.

We've helped 1000s of farms to be successful with their website.

Family farm website Family farm website for selling livestock Family farm website for selling farm products
Family farm mobile website
  • Over 1000 family farm websites!
  • 3500+ farms using our national directories
  • 35+ affiliated breed/regional associations

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What makes Openherd different?

Openherd is unique because our easy-to-use system is built specifically for farmers to help them marketing their animals and products online, giving you the feel of a custom built website without the high costs.

Many farms who have tried to set up their own websites have either struggled with complicated systems that don't have the tools they need, or they've wasted a lot of money paying for a custom website that's equally expensive to keep up. That's because these companies don't understand farmers or care about what they're trying to achieve.

We understand farmers - why you love what you do - and how to connect you to the customers who are looking for what you have but don't know where to find it. Our system not only includes an amazing website but also free marketing on our national directory sites, and the ability to market on a breed or regional association website - all from one set of edtis!

Openherd has been serving family farms since 2007 and we've helped thousands of farms "close the loop" by helping them sell the things they love creating, so they can do more of what you love.

If you're tired of feeling like marketing is too expensive, complicated, and lacking results, then you'll love Openherd.

We understand you. We're here to help. Give Openherd a try today!

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